3. anamorphosis-and-isolate:

    "I don’t think I can see you anymore. It’s too painful."

    (vía itwasall4u)

  4. lucky-ziri:


    Akiva and Madrigal, just finished dosab, whyyyyyyy, akiva u stupid (but pretty)

    your designs are killing me s  T OP

  5. hvit-ravn:

    'morning, brother'

  6. ewebean:

    nam - to kiss

    based from khuzdul4u's word of the day.

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  7. vanvelvet:

    This is far too beautiful to be real…QwQ

    DeviantART: Kimberly

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  8. nathalie-braconnot:

    2014 - Madrigal (from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor) ~

    - Photoshop CS6.

  9. may12324:

    Sveva and Sarazel from Days of Blood and Starlight

    (vía lucky-ziri)

  11. krystal280791:

    Mik & Zuzana - Daughter of Smoke and Bone

    Finally I finished it!!!! *^* I think it’s clear for all Dosab fan that Mik is represented by the violin and Zuzana from the puppet!!! ;) I loved so much this idea!!! <3

    Available on Society6: HERE

  12. lucky-ziri:


    I’ve been working and packing for my move all week, so I thought I’d reward myself with doing a little fan art. 

    Oh WOW! This is gorgeous! :D

  13. lucky-ziri:

    Issa for may12324

    This is my first time drawing her anD I HAVE LIKE NO EXPERIENCE DRAWING SNAKES ACKCAKKC 

    But I think I did alright. LOL HOPE YOU LIKE IT ANNALISE!

  14. may12324:

    I can’t stop, pen and coloured pencil

  15. angelsoftherevolution:

    True Story: it’s a hint

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